3 Traits of Successful Caregivers

by | Jun 25, 2020 | 0 comments

1. Give yourself Grace. You won’t be a perfect caregiver.  You won’t always have perfect days.  Give yourself Grace in those tough moments.  Remember you are doing the best you can.  But, in order to be the perfect caregiver and have more perfect days-you need to take care of yourself first.  This can be difficult at times, but it starts with you, and that is why you deserve Grace in those tough moments.

2. Support-There are a few different options for support
a. Family/Friend Support– Reaching out and asking friends for help is sometimes hard for Caregivers.  But, when there are friends and family to give the Caregiver a break-there are noticeable differences as a result.
b. Support Groups– Groups like these can help you to connect with others that are in the same Caregiver Journey as you are.  There are many support groups out there and sometimes it takes a while to find the one you want to stick with, but you will realize you aren’t alone along the way.

3. Plan- Pre-Planning isn’t always at the top of a Caregiver’s mind, but it should be. Having a written plan and communicating it to family members or a trusted friend can help in the event of a crisis.  You may never need this “back up plan,” but it is a good idea to spend some time creating one.

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