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The Center for Caregiver Support was created for Family Caregivers who need a place to turn to when they are seeking education regarding care issues, resources in their community, and support services to avoid a crisis.

The Center for Caregiver Support was founded in 2020 by Taylor Conley, who has worked with Family Caregivers all over the country for the past three decades. Passionate about helping Caregivers to navigate the twists and turns of their caregiving journey, Taylor has helped thousands of Caregivers find the help and resources they need to ensure the quality of care for their loved ones. Taylor and the staff of the Center understand that Caregivers do their best when they feel Connected, Supported, and Inspired.

The Center is here to help you Connect with other Family Caregivers who share common experiences and concerns and who also want to provide comfort and advice.

We are here to Support you with counseling, education, and personalized planning.

We are here to Inspire Caregivers by providing opportunities for every Caregiver to share the experiences, stories, and knowledge of other Family Caregivers so that all Caregivers know that they are not alone.

How We Started

Our Partners

Meet Our Executive Director

Taylor J. Conley

Aging Studies – University of South Florida

Taylor started volunteering in activities at a Memory Care Community back in 1997. She graduated in 1999, and was then offered a job in Marketing and opened one of the first Memory Care Communities in the Tampa Bay area. Taylor went on to work a successful career as a Regional Marketing Manager, covering multiple states. Her favorite part of her work was training and supporting marketing teams and the connections she made with the Caregivers-holding their hands and helping them to make some of the decisions they would make as a Caregiver.

Taylor has worked on many projects over the years-such as FACES of Alzheimer’s, Co-Chairing The Walk to End Alzheimer’s, held many fundraisers to support Alzheimer’s research. She loves to present on Aging Related Issues to help Caregiver’s better understand the Aging process.

Taylor’s goal is to bring education, counseling and support opportunities by working with Assisted Living Communities and Skilled Nursing Facilities.
Most importantly, Taylor is dedicated to working with individual Caregivers to find out what is going on in their “Caregiver Journey,” and help connect, so they know they are not alone.

Meet Our Team

These are the people who Connect, Inspire and Support our caregivers. 

Nancy Teten, LCSW SW #7429

Nancy Teten, LCSW SW #7429

Director of Clinical Social Work Services

Nancy Teten, LCSW, MCAP, CCFC, MSW, MA, received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of South Florida in Tampa. She received her first graduate degree as a Master of Arts in Aging Studies from the University of South Florida in Tampa and later completed her second graduate degree as a Master in Social Work from the University of South Florida in Tampa. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses at St. Pete College. She has completed her fifth year of the Ph.D. Program in Social Work at the University of South Florida in Tampa and is now working towards completing her dissertation to achieve her Ph.D. in Social Work.

Nancy Parente-Wierman

Nancy Parente-Wierman

Nancy Parente-Wierman has been working with Caregivers for the past 20 years. She received a Master’s degree in Gerontology from The University of South Florida and has been a member of The Gerontological Society of America. Nancy has also spent time as a Board Member at Large for the Latino Coalition of Hillsborough County.

Nancy worked for The Alzheimer’s Association, Florida Gulf Coast Chapter for sixteen years. She spent her time as a Bi-lingual Program Specialist and assisted with the growing number of Caregivers from the Hispanic/Latino community who were accessing services provided by The Florida Gulf Coast Chapter. One of the things Nancy is most proud of during her time with The Alzheimer’s Association is the Caregiver Picnic that she started and continued as a yearly event.

Nancy is certified by The State of Florida as a trainer for the Dementia Care Training Program mandated as a State licensing requirement of Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Hospice.

Nancy’s work with Caregivers has included training and facilitating support groups as well as presenting at workshops throughout the State of Florida for Caregiver Groups.

Meet Our Partners

Supporting our mission to make a difference

Michelangelo Mortellaro

Michelangelo Mortellaro has been an Elder Law Attorney helping families with benefits that can help them along their journey.  One thing that was very clear to him early on in his career was the stress in his clients and their families.  

Michelangelo recognized that his clients didn’t have a grasp on resources that could help them be better Caregivers and to be less stressed.  Over time Michelangelo’s passion has been to help these families with more than Elder Law.

The Center for Caregiver Support allows us to help Caregivers in crisis and we hope to help families avoid the crisis.  In this video, you will see the passion that Michelangelo has for the clients he serves, and it allows him to have an option to help them Connect, Support and Inspire each other.

Taylor Conley has spent the last 25 years helping to point Caregivers in the right direction.  Caregivers don’t know what resources are out there and are often lost along the journey.  Taylor has always told Caregivers that if she can’t help them she WILL point them in the right direction.

It is a lot easier to help Caregivers avoid a crisis than in the middle of the crisis.  That is why we Connect, Support, and Inspire Caregivers to seek help by attending support groups or trying out one of our Lunch & Bunch groups.  We encourage Caregivers to schedule time with a Counselor who understands the Caregiver journey and to plan a Caregiver Roadmap in order to know how to better take care of themselves.

The passion Taylor has for what Caregiver’s go through on a daily basis is what led her to start The Center for Caregiver Support.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask about all our services.

Taylor Conley

Michael Valdez

Michael C. Valdez, CFP® has been working with clients helping them plan their financial future for more than three decades.. The journey for The Center for Caregiver Support started back in 2014 when Michael attended a National Conference.  At that conference, Michael’s eyes were opened to the real dynamics of what Unpaid Family Caregiving looks like from a birds-eye view.

It was then that Michael realized that there had to be a way to help care for the Caregiver.  There are all kinds of help for the person who is taking care of a Loved One, but Caregivers don’t always know where to find that help.

Michael is very passionate and recognizes that everyone is likely to be a Caregiver at some point in their life.  After years of working on financial plans, the lack of a strategy is what Caregivers needed.  This is what The Center for Caregiver Support focuses on, is a strategy in all aspects of a Caregivers life to make sure that they take care of themselves….and Connect, Support and are inspired by others.

We’re here to help Caregivers as best we can.