Asking for help as a Caregiver is one of the hardest things to do

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Many family members and friends do not realize how isolated and alone a Caregiver can feel. I hope that some of the tips and tricks you learn here at The Center for Caregiver Support help you as a Caregiver to ask for help or to offer help to a Caregiver Friend or Family. In the meantime, here are just a few reasons why a Caregiver won’t ask for help.

Fear of Rejection

A Caregiver that is at their wits end would rather keep caregiving than hear the words “no.” They need a break, but unless someone shows up and offers it, chances are they are not going to reach out and ask.

You won’t take care of Dad like she will

Chances are that this is 100% true (sorry if I offended anyone). If she lives with Dad or Dad lives with her, there is no one that will do it exactly the same way that she will. She has put her entire heart and soul into caregiving and one change in the routine, will really mess everything up. At least in her world – it truly will.

You just don’t ask anymore

You may have asked a lot in the early days of their caregiver journey if they needed help, and they know that they said no all those times they didn’t need help. Things were easy then, so the help wasn’t critical. Don’t stop asking….EVER.

They are afraid it means they failed

Caregivers are the real Superhero’s—they will do it all, all the time to the point of exhaustion. But, if they need to reach out for help, that means that they have failed as a Caregiver.

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