The Grace of Space with Sue Ryan

by | Jul 25, 2021 | 0 comments

Caregivers often say that they do not need help.  They can do it all.  There is no one to help anyway.  I have yet to meet one Caregiver that can truly do it all!  Why?  Because if you are doing it all-you are not taking care of yourself.  And that puts you and the person you care for at risk for all other kinds of issues.

Sue Ryan, author of Our Journey of Love, 5 Steps to Navigate Your Caregiving Journey is completely transparent in sharing that she lost herself in her Caregiving journey.  She was not taking care of herself, and she was tired and unconsciously reacting from a place of stress.  

The Grace of Space allows you to pause and choose what and how you will react in the moment.  You do not have to be the perfect Caregiver.  But making changes that can help you through your journey before you are in over your head will make you a better Caregiver.

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