Massive Acceptance & Radical Presence with Sue Ryan

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What is Massive Acceptance and Radical Presence?  Sue Ryan, author of Our Journey of Love, 5 Steps to Navigate Your Caregiving Journey describes in our interview how she came to realize that her life as a Caregiver could be much easier and allow her to live in the moment, once she started practicing Massive Acceptance and Radical Presence.

Sue’s dad was her hero.  I am convinced that she was his hero as well.  She talks about how he taught her how to stay safe, and now that responsibility fell on her to keep him safe.  She recognizes how she had to think differently, even with the simple things such as walking the dog. 

Massive Acceptance happened when she accepted the situations going on with her dad-she had to accept them absolutely, completely, with no judgment or understanding.  She realized she did not have to like the situation-she just had to accept it!

Radical Presence happened when she learned to be present in the moment.  This allowed her to not focus on the past or think about the future.  She was only then able to make wise choices without being emotionally unbalanced, that benefited both her and her dad.

Can you practice Massive Acceptance and Radical Presence with your loved one?  If this works for you, we would love to hear your story!

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