The Dream Team – Michael Valdez

by | Oct 3, 2021 | 0 comments

Michael C. Valdez, CFP® has been working with clients helping them plan their financial future for more than three decades. The journey for The Center for Caregiver Support started back in 2014 when Michael attended a National Conference.  At that conference, Michael’s eyes were opened to the real dynamics of what Unpaid Family Caregiving looks like from a birds-eye view.

It was then that Michael realized that there had to be a way to help care for the Caregiver.  There are all kinds of help for the person who is taking care of a Loved One, but Caregivers don’t always know where to find that help.

Michael is very passionate and recognizes that everyone is likely to be a Caregiver at some point in their life.  After years of working on financial plans, the lack of a strategy is what Caregivers needed.  This is what The Center for Caregiver Support focuses on, is a strategy in all aspects of a Caregiver’s life to make sure that they take care of themselves….and Connect, Support and are inspired by others.

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