Resources Are Out There – You Just Have to Find Them with Jenn Fitzpatrick

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If you haven’t already, at some point in your Caregiving Journey, you will need to find resources for your loved one.  Where do you turn?  Who do you call?  

Caregivers have often turned to their Doctor for direction.  The Primary Care Physician should be involved in the Caregiver and their loved one’s situation, however, their time is limited with their patients.  As a Caregiver, it is best to find someone that you can sit down with and they can listen to what your Caregiver journey has been like.  Then, they can appropriately help you find resources that can help both you and your loved one.  The Center for Caregiver Support is just one place to turn to find resources or ways that you can Connect, Support, and Inspire along the Caregiver journey

There are many organizations out there that offer free respite, such as Seth Rogen & Lauren Miller Rogen’s and if you are in Florida or Georgia

Many Caregivers are surprised that there are tools, resources, and benefits that they were never aware of.  Our staff has decades of experience navigating resources for Caregivers, and are here to help you.

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