Talking Care of Yourself: Just 30 Minutes a Day with Jenn Fitzpatrick

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Taking Care of Yourself – It Is Not Always a Day at the Spa

As a Caregiver, you are most likely giving 110% of yourself to meet the needs of your loved one.  You may be up all hours of the night with your loved one.  You may have to drive them to endless appointments.  You need to make them dinner.  You may need to help them get dressed or go to the bathroom.  Some of these may seem extreme, but this is the reality of Caregiving.  

What would you do if you had 30 minutes a day to yourself?  Could you read a book?  Could you watch a show?  Make a phone call to a friend?  If you could spend 30 minutes a day to recharge your batteries-you will notice a difference in your physical and mental state, and you will most definitely be a better Caregiver.  When you don’t take these 30 minutes a day, you most likely become tired, stressed and irritable.  You may even take it out on your loved one. 
As Jennifer Fitzpatrick, author of Cruising Through Caregiving, says in the video “Caregivers need to be more selfish.”  We encourage you to plan your 30 minutes, join a support group, talk to someone who understands what you are going through.  You deserve it.

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