Three Types of Caregivers with Jenn Fitzpatrick

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Three Types of Caregivers

A life outside of Caregiving can be incredibly challenging.  In Cruising Through Caregiving, Author Jennifer Fitzpatrick, explains three types of Caregivers, and how you can have less stress, and in turn, give the person you care for a better experience.

The Captain – This is the primary Caregiver, and usually the one that wants to do it all and not accept any assistance.  The captain does not want to delegate, because they have been doing it all along.  

The First Mate – This is the secondary Caregiver.  They provide support to the captain.  This may be a daughter that can take mom to doctor appointments or sit with mom, while dad runs errands.  

Dockhand – Tertiary, supports primary and secondary Caregivers.  This may be someone who mails a gift card to the grocery store once a quarter or brings a meal by once and a while.

If you are the Captain, who is your First Mate?  Who is your Dockhand?  And, what have you delegated to them?  You may have a support team, but the truth is, that in many ways, they don’t know how to support you.  We empower you to “Be the Captain of your ship.”

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