What If It Is Too Late?

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USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute’s Eileen Poiley has helped Caregivers for over 30 years.  She speaks with Attorney Michelangelo Mortellaro with Mortellaro Law to walk through what documents your loved one needs and the importance of getting them prepared sooner rather than later.

What happens if someone doesn’t have Advanced Directives and it is too late?  The challenge that the family will have if their loved one loses capacity (and please check the state you live in), and no one is in charge of your decisions, you would need to resort to a court-appointed Guardianship.  It is unnecessary if you are proactive.  It is time-consuming; it is demoralizing and degrading, and it is expensive. Your loved one loses all their rights under Guardianship, and the judge will choose who is responsible for making all decisions for that person.  It could be a family member that the judge chooses, or it could be a professional Guardian.

Listen to this podcast to hear more about what the process may look like if you don’t have Advanced Directives in place. 

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